Afia Obinim,

JJ Bunny (aka Joy Orie)

JJ Bunny aka Joy Orie, started her career as a Musician, and now currently an Executive Producer, Writer and Actor. She is one of the few actors in the United States making an impact in the Nollywood industry by displaying her ability and talent in film making.

"I got into acting while in grade school, where I played the birth of Jesus and also in high school where I had recited Shakespearian soliloquies in front of the class.

Getting into professional acting was not something that I deliberately planned. I was frustrated with a bad music contract that I had previously signed at that time. The contract prevented me from doing practically anything that had to do with music, so I decided to keep myself busy by acting my first movie “a woman's mind” featuring Jim Iyke and Emeka Ike, and since then, the jobs have kept on coming. Acting is a passion for me, although my public career started from singing, it's almost like acting is in my blood and it's a thirst that I can't resist. I love the fun and pleasure that is derived from acting. I enjoyed it so much that I eventually got into having my own movie production company."